Payal Gandhi, PhD, CMPP
Senior Scientific Director, Team Lead
The Lockwood Group

Lisa routinely provides solid and thoughtful first drafts of publication projects. Reviewing Lisa’s work is practically effortless, and I am able to complete reviews more quickly than expected. Lisa’s quality, insight, and work are amazing, and she is always a joy to partner with.

Tom Drake, MA, CMPP
Director and Founder
Global Outcomes Group

Lisa has worked on a number of projects for me over the years. Where some medical writers bring me problems, Lisa solves problems. I view Lisa as Medical Director, not just a medical writer. She is one of the finest medical writers I have worked with in the past 30 years.

Patrick Harty, PhD
(formerly) Group Scientific Director
Ashfield Healthcare Communications

It has been a true pleasure working with Lisa over the past few years. I greatly admire her commitment to quality and clarity and her extremely professional approach to her work.

Brittany Eldridge, PhD

I have worked on many projects with Lisa. Recently she used her skills and expertise to polish a manuscript and expertly incorporate author changes. Her judgments about what to implement versus not implement were spot on, and I agreed wholeheartedly with her decisions. On another occasion, I sent Lisa a manuscript that was a real mess, and Lisa brought the paper back to life. She is one of the only writers I would trust to do that type of overhaul. Lisa is a great partner who I can always trust will do a fantastic job.

Melissa Bogen, ELS

Lisa and I have worked together for more than 10 years. As a longtime editor who has worked with many medical writers, I find Lisa’s writing particularly clean and easy to edit. Even better, I’ve always enjoyed working with Lisa. She’s friendly, thorough, responsive, and a team player.

Stephanie Eide Domier, MHA, CMPP
Scientific Team Leader
Caudex, McCann Health

Lisa has worked on numerous projects for me in my role as a publications manager. Lisa consistently does excellent and thorough work. I wish I had 10 more writers just like her!

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