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I translate RWE analyses and economic models into journal-quality publications

Publishing your organization's HEOR analyses is not easy

If you work in health economics and outcomes research at a pharma/biotech, device, or diagnostic test company—or at an HEOR service provider—you know the value of peer-reviewed publications to communicate your real-world evidence and economic analyses.

If you lead these projects, you also know from hard experience that manuscripts require thoughtful planning, stakeholder alignment, and skilled writing support to reach journal submission and publication. 

Everyone recognizes the value, but few professionals specialize in HEOR publications.

I can help

This is where I come in. I offer a rare combination of publication planning expertise and deep medical writing experience in the HEOR space. 

With my HEORpubs offerings, I can help your organization implement efficient processes to guide your HEOR manuscripts to successful journal submission and publication. 

As a medical writer with extensive experience in HEOR pubs, I know how to communicate the clinical context and value story, and I offer particular skill with complex analyses and complicated data sets.

Known for being an expert yet friendly collaborator, I guide author teams through the entire publication process while avoiding common pitfalls. My focus is on creating a seamless experience to deliver high-quality, timely publications that effectively communicate your research findings.

  • Michael Fried

    Alva10 specializes in developing budget impact models for a diverse range of healthcare clients, complemented by carefully prepared manuscript drafts. Our collaboration with Lisa Baker over the past year has been truly transformative. Lisa demonstrates an exceptional ability to grasp the intricacies of our complex economic models and translate them into clearly written and well-organized Methods and Results sections, tailored for journal publication.

    With minimal guidance from our end, Lisa consistently delivers drafts that exceed expectations. Beyond her expertise in manuscript preparation, Lisa also excels in creating abstracts and providing support for poster presentations. Her contributions extend to coordinating with graphic artists to ensure the final posters have polished and professional layouts.

    In short, Lisa has become an invaluable asset to our team, serving as our go-to resource for publication support.

  • Tom Drake, MA, CMPP

    Lisa has worked on a number of HEOR publication projects for me over the years. Where some medical writers bring me problems, Lisa solves problems. I view Lisa as Medical Director, not just a medical writer. She is one of the finest medical writers I have worked with in the past 30 years.

  • Payal Gandhi, PhD, CMPP
    Lisa routinely provides solid and thoughtful first drafts of publication projects. Reviewing Lisa’s work is practically effortless, and I am able to complete reviews more quickly than expected. Lisa’s quality, insight, and work are amazing, and she is always a joy to partner with.

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