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Recently I asked several clients and colleagues to describe me, and then I asked my favorite AI facility to distill their comments. I didn't change a word! Here's what people who work with me say:

Lisa is a highly skilled and respected professional in the field of medical writing and health economics and outcomes research. She is comfortable crossing over to the analytics side to understand the model and its objectives, which is rare in a medical writer. Her unique blend of analytical prowess and writing expertise sets her apart, allowing her to bridge the gap between complex analyses and clear, impactful manuscripts. She is consistently described as reliable and proactive, with a keen eye for detail and a focus on producing high-quality work that meets or exceeds expectations.

Lisa's approach to projects is characterized by a strong sense of ownership and initiative. She doesn't just complete tasks; she actively engages with the material, understands the underlying objectives, and contributes valuable insights that enhance the final product. This level of engagement, combined with her ability to work independently while maintaining open communication, has led many to view her as an integral part of their team rather than just a contractor. Her proactive nature in identifying potential challenges, suggesting improvements, and providing constructive feedback is highly valued by her colleagues and clients alike.

Beyond her technical skills, Lisa is recognized for her leadership qualities, pleasant demeanor, and ability to build trust with both colleagues and clients. Her involvement in the broader medical writing and HEOR community, through participation in organizations like ISPOR and ISMPP, demonstrates her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. This dedication, coupled with her strategic thinking and ability to see the big picture while attending to details, makes her a valuable asset in any project or team setting.

Payal Gandhi, PhD, CMPP
Senior Scientific Director, Team Lead
The Lockwood Group

Lisa routinely provides solid and thoughtful first drafts of publication projects. Reviewing Lisa’s work is practically effortless, and I am able to complete reviews more quickly than expected. Lisa’s quality, insight, and work are amazing, and she is always a joy to partner with.

Tom Drake, MA, CMPP
Director and Founder
Global Outcomes Group

Lisa has worked on a number of HEOR publication projects for me over the years. Where some medical writers bring me problems, Lisa solves problems. I view Lisa as Medical Director, not just a medical writer. She is one of the finest medical writers I have worked with in the past 30 years.

Patrick Harty, PhD
(formerly) Group Scientific Director
Ashfield Healthcare Communications

It has been a true pleasure working with Lisa over the past few years. I greatly admire her commitment to quality and clarity and her extremely professional approach to her work.

Brittany Eldridge, PhD

I have worked on many projects with Lisa. Recently she used her skills and expertise to polish a manuscript and expertly incorporate author changes. Her judgments about what to implement versus not implement were spot on, and I agreed wholeheartedly with her decisions. On another occasion, I sent Lisa a manuscript that was a real mess, and Lisa brought the paper back to life. She is one of the only writers I would trust to do that type of overhaul. Lisa is a great partner who I can always trust will do a fantastic job.

Melissa Bogen, ELS

Lisa and I have worked together for more than 10 years. As a longtime editor who has worked with many medical writers, I find Lisa’s writing particularly clean and easy to edit. Even better, I’ve always enjoyed working with Lisa. She’s friendly, thorough, responsive, and a team player.

Stephanie Eide Domier, MHA, CMPP
Scientific Team Leader
Caudex, McCann Health

Lisa has worked on numerous projects for me in my role as a publications manager. Lisa consistently does excellent and thorough work. I wish I had 10 more writers just like her!