Polished, High-Level Medical Publications

... On Deadline!

Publications Expertise When You Need It

Your agency has complex manuscripts and congress activities to deliver and never enough writers on staff. When you need to impress your clients and authors with complete, polished manuscript drafts, on deadline ... bring me in.

  • 17 years experience at leading medical communications agencies and as an independent medical writer
  • Particular skill with complex analyses and messy data sets
  • Extensive experience & expertise with HEOR publications

I work full-time from Montana as a freelance medical writer. A client recently said, "You are my go-to person for difficult pub projects." I love that.

How I Can Help You

If you are a scientific lead delivering medical publications, I’m sure you seek out medical writers who can

  • understand complex analyses,
  • write clearly and concisely,
  • align with your strategic direction,
  • implement good publication practices, and
  • deliver on deadline, every time.

I know where you’re coming from, because I worked for more than a decade at leading agencies, including roles as Medical Director, Scientific Team Lead, and Principal Medical Writer, and I supervised many freelance writers.

I specialize in data-based manuscripts and congress activities reporting phase 2-4, PK/PD, HEOR, RWE, and patient survey studies. I deliver a polished, complete document on the first draft, so you can quickly move the draft along to your client and authors. I always meet deadlines, and I’m friendly and easy to work with. I aim to be the easiest part of your day!

Polished, High-Level Medical Publications
... On Deadline!


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